Przemiany Festiwal  (which can be simply translated as 'Changes Festival') is a 4 day event organized by Centrum Nauki Kopernik (Copernicus Science Centre). The insitution is based on the Vistula river's bank in the central part of Warsaw. 

Przemiany Festiwal  aims to the promote idea of change/transformation of the local landscape. During four days of the festival Centrum Nauki Kopernik gathers data about local habitants, organizes lectures and dance music concerts.


New visual identification for the event had to promote the river and its surroundings but also the idea of change of the local environment. The visual identification of the festival had to look contemporary and be appealing for a young urban youth.

Visual identification solution:

After many attempts I finally came up with the idea of visual solution that combines both elements; A ribbon-like shape bends in a few places which is indicated by diferent shades of blue colour. The shape of the element is similar to the Vistula's riverbed. Second element of the logotype is type which had to be easy to read from a far and have a modern look. Words 'Przemiany' and 'Festiwal' are hyphened in a way which is another reference to the 'changes' promoted by the event. Date of festival became visible and integrated element of the logotype. It can be easily changed each year.

Other elements:

Creation of the 'graphic base' of the festival made it possible to design whole range of promotional elements such as billboards, posters, leaflets, postcards, maps, brochures, bags, stickers and a website. Some of the prints used a paint which glowed in the dark and could be recharged with any light source.

Project was commissioned to and developed by SuperSuper studio: Jacek Majewski, Hanna Kokczynska, Jan Dudzik, Bartosz Szymkiewicz.

Website: Jarek Nowotka.