I have a rare moment of spare time and I decided to write a short post in this journal of mine.

It has been over a year since I moved to London. British capital stays my favourite place to work and live in this part of the globe. No other city in Europe (yes, Europe) has such a fast pace of living, such a rich, multicultural society and so much inspiration waiting on every corner. Oh, and food! Can't forget about the food.

It is the type of city that you dive into with no guarantees of safe return to the surface. With Brexit, constants train strikes and falling apart NHS, Londoners have less and less to be sure about. Still, this city, like no other shows you that sky is the limit and this is why I still love it so much.

End of 2015 and whole of 2016 has been a crazy ride. I met a lot of great people, worked with a bunch of studios and agencies. I learned every day, about the craft, about the industry and about myself. I hope that 2017 will be good for all of you and for me as well. I wish you all less fear against the unknown.

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