Art Experts organizes courses on the history of arts and crafts as well as the mechanisms of the market and invest in a work of art. Since July 2011 they publish a free magazine under the same name. 

Layout for a new magazine had to meet different requirements from the publisher. It had to accomodate different types of articles, from short news with small images to a couple spread interviews with custom made photo session. At the same time it had to look friendly and grab the attention but also looks appealing to art lovers. It had to be modern but sophisticated.

Titles of main chapters are presented in big type which appears to be in the background. The transparency setting and selection of colours excludes possible interference with other texts. Article titles are presented in a firm condensed type which gives us a nice rhythmic structure. 

To create a contrast and add a sense of class to the layout main body text uses classic serif font.

Contemporary look is achieved by what during first looks seems to be a 'frivolous' use of images, shapes and monotones. I was responsible for the first two issues of the magazine.

Project was commissioned to and developed by SuperSuper studio: Jacek Majewski, Hanna Kokczynska, Jan Dudzik, Bartosz Szymkiewicz.